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Web design services are the tool of marketing in modern internet marketing trend. In Pinnacle Web Solutions, the most trusted and result driving Website Designing Company In Chandausi, we does not create a simple grid to grid layout but a tool to communicate your client on your behalf and which is excel to generate a fruitful result.

Our thinking is out of the box and we never demonstrate the false positive result to our clients and site visitors. We are the confident group of design mavericks, we done perfect result before carving a brand new web designing project. We believe on planning before action and that's what brings a productive result in market.

Benefits of web development services

A Web Development fulfills with several purposes of the business owner. With a web page, you can not only let individuals know about your existence in the market but can also improve your income and sales revenue by getting more customers. To get all these benefits and to cope up with the extensive online market, you must own an outstanding Web Development Services with informative content and latest backend technology.

  1. A web development Services provides you benefit of domain expertise.
  2. A web development Services will help you save money.
  3. A web development Services delivers excellent results.
  4. A web development Services meets time responsibilities.
  5. A web development Services uses latest technologies to develop your website.
  6. A web development Services allows you save time.

Without a Website, You’re Losing Business

It’s amazing how many small businesses still haven’t gotten around to building a website. We get it. You’re a busy professional and you’re hard at work doing the things that pay the bills. But, have you considered that by skipping the website, you’re losing potential customers? Even if you’ve taken the time to build out your Facebook presence and have your products or services displayed on Instagram or Etsy, you’re still missing out.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why a website can become your best business partner.

Isn’t Social Media or E-commerce Enough?

When you first get started with your business, you may decide your budget or time is too limited for a website, so you rely either on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram for your business, or you run your sales through Etsy or Ebay.

There are a number of drawbacks to that approach:

  1. You don’t control the platform or your content. You have to format your information to conform to the platform.
  2. Selling can be tricky on third-party sites. Other than dedicated shopping sites like Etsy, it can be difficult to convert an interested visitor into a customer since it’s hard to include “buy now” buttons or other options to make a sale.
  3. Searching is difficult. Without a website, people might not be able to find your business. Social media and shopping platforms have effective internal search engines, but their content doesn’t always show up on Google.
  4. You’re at the mercy of another company’s policies. Every platform restricts the kind of content you can upload and how you can deliver it to potential customers. They may even charge you just to get people to see it.
  5. You’re just another profile. When you rely on social media and sales platforms, it can be very difficult to stand out. With a website, you can include personal information about yourself and the history of your company. Most of all, you can tailor both the messaging and design to reflect your own personality and values.
  6. It can be a challenge to demonstrate ‘social proof.’ Even though customers can interact with you on social media, it’s difficult to link to Yelp or Amazon reviews, include testimonials or case studies, or show off awards and other recognition in a way that all customers can view.
  7. Analytics are insufficient. While some platforms give you basic analytics, it’s very difficult to measure conversions from views to sales.
  8. People may not take your business seriously. People expect businesses to have a website where they can learn more, contact you, or buy your products. According to the American Marketing Association, over half of consumers look for a website to learn more about a brand.

Different Types of Websites

1. Static/ Fixed

Static, or ‘fixed’, websites are the most simplistic. Their content does not change depending on the user, and is not regularly updated. Static websites are built using simple HTML code, and typically provide information.

2. Dynamic

A dynamic website or web page will display different content each time it is visited. Examples include blogs and eCommerce sites, or generally any site that is updated regularly. Dynamic websites can also be set up to show different content to different users, at different times of the day etc. Dynamic websites make for a more personal and interactive experience for the user, although they can be a little more complex to develop and may load slightly slower than static ones.

3. Fluid or liquid

A website built with a fluid or liquid design ensures that the site looks the same in terms of proportions no matter what the screen size. Each element of the website, such as the navigation bar, will take up the same relative amount of space on every device.

4. Responsive

A website with a responsive design goes one step further than one which is fluid or liquid. A website with responsive design is one which is completely optimised for mobiles and tablets, to the point where the website will actually look different on each device. It is especially important that your website is responsive if a large proportion of your audience use devices other than a computer to view your site, as it offers the best experience to these users.

5. Blog

A blog is a website or web page that is regularly updated. Typically, a blog will be run by an individual or a small group. It can be on any topic, but will often be written in an informal or conversational style. Professional blogging has increased massively in popularity in recent years.

6. eCommerce

An eCommerce site may be combined with a blog or a corporate website, but ultimately its aim is to sell a product or service over the internet. A website that is purely corporate with no eCommerce functionality is still indirectly encouraging users to buy a product or service, but the difference is that they are unable to do this through the site itself.

7. Corporate

Businesses are waking up to the fact that they must have at least a basic website to ensure they appear credible and professional. Businesses may not sell directly through these corporate websites, but they will use the site to provide information about themselves and let people know how they can get in touch.

Our Services:

Front-End Development

Convenience, Compatibility, Navigability & Usefulness delivered to leave a strong impression

Front-end Development areas we are expert in:

  • Highly functional interactive websites with user friendly interface & smooth navigation
  • Mobile optimized responsive web development
  • Complex HTML 5 Animations, Gaming & custom interactivity
  • Feature-rich client applications with cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-device functionality

Custom Web Development

Completely customised web solutions for your organization's different web requirements

Custom Web Development areas we are expert in:

  • Community driven sites
  • Complex e-commerce
  • Complex informational sites
  • Multi-functional web portals
  • Membership/Subscription sites
  • Complex web applications
  • Social Networking Applications

Open Source Platform Development

Deploying off-the-shelf development solutions to save time & money

Open Source Platforms we are expert in:

  • Wordpress -- Highly customizable CMS & blogging engine
  • Joomla -- Best content publishing framework

Mobile Development

Mobile Development Areas we are expert in:

  • Community driven sites
  • Responsive Website Development
  • Mobile Specific Website Development
  • Windows Mobile App Development
  • iOS Mobile App Development
  • Blackberry Mobile App Development
  • Android Mobile App Development

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