Bulk SMS Service

Pinnacle Web Solutions a leading bulk SMS provider in Bareilly. Our bulk SMS service will help you to reach out thousands of peoples in just few clicks. The type of service is made keeping the cell phone habit in mind. Your customer has greater chances to open the SMS and reach you than sending him an email.

Objectives :

The primarily objective of using Bulk SMS service is to reach 1000s of customer in once. We have classified the list of objectives for why this form of marketing is used and comes handy for any type of business.

  •  Create quick communication with your client.
  •  The best form of advertising which comes both cheap and rapid. In just a click your client will find you and your product.
  • Cheaper than other form of advertising, effective to reach out customer.
  • Easy to make, no need to hassle with complicated software. All you need is basic computer knowledge.

Application and Uses of Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS has more than just a use to reach customer. There are many occasion that one use Bulk SMS service for their business advertisement.

Cost Effective

Unlike other sources of advertising and tele marketing, Bulk SMS is the cheapest service. With some bucks you can put your business in over 1000s of customers mind. Pinnacle Web Solutions, the number 1 bulk SMS agency in Bareilly offer it in even cheaper rate.

Quick to send

What it takes is just few seconds to outreach the customer you’re looking for. Your message could deliver to the recipient in much faster way than traditional marketing methods.

Time Saver technique to build Audience

Create a single message and send it the list of clients. No need to copy and paste the message and flip number on your phone. Your bulk SMS provider provides an easy to use tool to create and burn numerous messages in very low amount of time.

100% Reliable method

Our SMS service is reliable and will be deliver in time. The one advantage of using bulk SMS service is that it cannot slip for user hand.

Advantages of implementing Bulk SMS service for your business model

  1. Throughout their objectives, Bulk SMS could provide you an effective business development and marketing services at cheap, lesser time and reliability.
  2. Send bulk SMS using any computer, no dedicated software is required to install. The process is possible via tablet too.
  3.  Responsive interaction with customer is possible with bulk SMS. Alert your customer about latest offers, discounted product and or discount coupon code.
  4. Send payment alert to your customer in single click. Effective for small businesses.
  5. Promotional and Transactional message sending service for any type of requirement.
  6. Quick in reach, no need to look up for a long time or burden task handling.
  7. Low cost or cheap SMS per person.

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